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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Process an AVI output file from capture_video (MJPEG) into a DVD compatable MPEG file

# Inputs:
# 1. Input file basename (input will be filename.avi, output will be filename.mpeg)

lav2wav +p $1.avi | mp2enc -r 48000 -b 384 -o $1.mp2

lav2yuv +p $1.avi | mpeg2enc -b 3800 -q 1 -n n -f 8 -s -r 16 -v 0 -o $1.m1v

mplex -f 8 $1.mp2 $1.m1v -o $1.mpeg

rm $1.m1v
rm $1.mp2

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